• Shawn Johnston

Summer & Ian's Wedding

My first wedding photoshoot! Wow! This was a year in the planning and the day was perfect. They originally planned on having a big wedding then Covid-19 happened and it was delayed. They decided to have a small gathering instead but their family was not having it. So, they decided to elope instead but in the end they invited a handful of friends to witness the ceremony.

I scouted out the location weeks in advance and checked the sun calendar for certains times of day. This all went down the drain because on the day of the wedding it was raining and overcast. We didn't go to any of the locations planned and I had to work with the light available to me. This was a lessoned learned but the photos still turned out amazing. I did bring my classmate Jade with me as a second shooter, so they got twice the amount of photos.

In the end, I borrow the bridal party for an hour at the end of day and we got some amazing photos. Thanks Ian and Summer for letting me shoot my first wedding.

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