• Shawn Johnston

Family Photoshoot

This week, I got to spend a beautiful afternoon with the George family. Lela contacted me awhile and said it had been a long time since they had family photos. I was happy to oblige and offer my services. I asked them if they had place in mind and they mentioned a nature area just off Wonderland Road South.

The sun was out, the weather was warm and it was a perfect day to take photos. I had never been to this location before, so Lela had lead the way. We went off the path and did a little hike up a hill and came to this spot overlooking the water. It was beautiful. Right in front of the water's edge sat a rock and a great opportunity for family photos.

This was my second family photoshoot, so I am still learning how to work with group positioning and group lighting. The George family was a lot of fun and they were eager to pose and have their photos taken.

Thank you George family for the fun afternoon. I hope you enjoy your photos.

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